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Physical Therapy Artificial Turf physical provides the appropriate surface for exercises and gait training. As the patient progresses the surface adjusts to the amount of support required, allowing the patients the opportunity for continuous improvement.

The Ultimate in Comfort for Physical Therapy.

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• High resilience to reduce fatigue and injuries
• Shock absorbing cushions falls and Impact
• Tough surface that resists to wear and abrasion, yet is comfortable enough that the patient/ athlete will not experience discomfort
• Mechanical strength supports the different styles of equipment and portable devices needed in PT
• Fire resistant
• Sound absorption benefit greatly reduces interior noise
• Easy to clean and maintain

Unlike carpet or VCT flooring, PT Turf delivers excellent shock resistance, high durability and superior mechanical strength. PT Turf is a better surface for physical therapy.

THE ADVANTAGES of Physical Therapy Artificial Turf

• ADA Compliant
• Safe for wheelchairs, canes and crutches
• Therapists and nurses experience less pain in their feet with added cushioning
• Cleaning staff can easily maintain a new looking floor at a fraction of the time
• Cost savings and reliability of a long-term durable solution
• Customizable patterns based on needs
• Dots, ladders and hashmarks to indicate a patient’s progress
• Brand Logo to add style to any physical space
• Coefficient of friction and rotation resistance to prevent tripping hazard


• Allows for maximized performance Excellent shock attenuation
• Great coefficient of friction properties Hypo allergenic
• Great sound insulator
• Prevents foot lock
• Fungal and bacteria resistant

BENEFITS of Physical Therapy Artificial Turf

• Affordable
• High degree of comfort
• Can be customized with your logo
• Unique colors
• Can customize with dots ladders or designated areas for patients
• Easily retrofitted into existing spaces
• Available with 5mm foam backing